Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday!

I love Fridays.  Usually I do my Target run on Friday after work, but not tonight.  See it snowed pretty much all day today so, I rescheduled it for tomorrow morning.  I dislike shopping at Target on the's just so busy!  But I wasn't about to go out tonight.  I heard it took some people hours to get home.  Not fun.  

Another errand I have planned for tomorrow is to finally pick up my ring.  Remember way back before Thanksgiving when I told you about how the diamond fell out of my ring.  Well, long story short, after they tried to fix it twice and it still looked like sh!t, I asked them to make me a new one.  So, they did.  And tomorrow I get to pick it up.  I'm excited!  

What else...I made some apple crisp tonight.  Gosh I love that stuff.  It just tastes so darn good!  I made one little change tonight though...I added some dried cranberries.  Result...deliciousness!  

Apple Cranberry Crisp

I also made some granola today.  The boys and I love that stuff too!

Yummy granola

We had our last swimming lesson on Wednesday night.  Vann passed...yay!  And little Chaycers still needs to work on a few things so, he didn't.  Like most little ones, he doesn't relax while doing the back float.  It's adorable to watch him try though...his little stomach gets so tight and you can see every cute!  I'm just so happy they both did their best, had a blast and were well behaved.  You can't ask for much more than that.  I'll probably sign them up for lessons again after gymnastics is Aprilish.  

Alright, I'm off to bed.  I have some sleep to catch up on so, I'm headed to bed much earlier than normal.  I think I've been pushing my limits with going to bed so late and my body is not happy about it.  And well, this week it's been letting me know.  So, if more sleep it wants, then more sleep it gets!  Good night!

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