Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekly Recap

Wow, I've been gone a long time!  Sorry, 'bout've ya been?  We've been good here.  The boys had gymnastics on Tuesday.  I am so happy with the program...and to top it of they are both loving it!  They smile the entire's great to watch.  I'm sorry the pics are so far away.  The parents don't go in the gym and since I don't know how to zoom in with my iphone, this is what I've got.  Next time I'll bring my regular camera so, I can zoom in and get a closer shot.  

Chaycers stretching at gymnastics.  

They were working on forward and backward somersaults, and the beginnings of a cartwheel.

Vann is on the parallel bars. He's in the white shirt and blue shorts.

I know he's hard to see...but he's on the parallel bars again.

Vann's doing a cartwheel with Coach.  

Chayce's class is getting stamped before leaving.  

Here's some pics of the boys doing a snowman craft one day last week.  

They decorated their snowman and then painted snowflakes with their fingers.

Vann used the glitter paint to make snow on the ground.

Then he added more snowflakes.

Here's some pics of Vann, Chayce and Mia being silly on Friday.  They all get along so well and just love playing with each other.  They were dancing and tickling and sorta wrestling...lots of fun!

We had girls night last night.  Nothing crazy, just a small get together at Donna's house.  But it was so much fun!  I had a great time chit-chatting and laughing till I had tears rolling down my face...true story.  And guess what time I got're never gonna believe it...3am!!  Thank goodness I wasn't drinking or else I would've been super cranky hungover when 7am rolled around.  I thought I was gonna be really tired, but I woke up feeling fine...I guess my body is used to little sleep.  I did curl up with the boys on the couch while they watched cartoons for a bit, but then I was up and getting stuff done.  I do think I'll hit the sack a little earlier tonight...I'm thinking a girlie movie while snuggled up in my bed...sounds good right?

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