Monday, July 23, 2012

Another van Gogh Painting

The boys painted their second van Gogh painting this weekend.  They chose the painting 'The Starry Night'...even though Vann was super nervous about it because he thought it looked too difficult.  

My little artist in action!

Chaycers pointing to the moon.  He was more into mixing new paint colors this time than actually painting.  Once he got a few parts of the painting down, he was done!

When he finished he explained everything to me

Vann's painting...I don't know what he was worried about he did a great job!

Chayce's painting...a couple of swirls, the moon and he called it a day :)

So, I did it...I finally painted the ceiling in the boys room!  I'm so, so happy to cross that baby off my list.  And I gotta tell ya, it looks soooo much better than before.  One big pain in my ass was taking off all the glow in the dark stars the previous owners put up.  They had over 100 stars up there...not cool.  But I got 'em all off, painted the ceiling a fresh coat of white and it looks great!  I'm hoping to get the closet and bedroom doors painted this next weekend.  Then I can get to work picking out a paint color for the, fun!  

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