Sunday, July 29, 2012

Solar System

We've been learning about the solar's one of the Magic School Bus monthly science kits...remember I signed up for that before Christmas last year.  Anyhow, they both just love talking about the planets, the stars, all of it.  We have some solar system books that are now falling apart because they've gotten so much love lately!  

Speaking of little Vann has become such a little reader.  I just love watching him snuggle up on the couch with a book.  He still comes across words he can't figure out, but for the most part he's doing really great!  

Okay now for a few pics...

The boys painting the inside of a shoe box black.  We were making a constellation box.

It turned out pretty neat!

He's like 'what's up mom?'

He made this solar system poster all by himself!  He's gluing the sun on.

Now the planets

Drawing the orbits with chalk

Adding Saturn's rings...he also put some vertical rings on Uranus.

Then he made labels for each planet

He's so proud!
See that solar system hanging from the light in the kitchen...we made that a few days ago.  It was kinda hard to put together because the wire they sent was a bit flimsy and the balls were heavy so, that's why some of the wires are hanging so low...but whatever, they got the idea. 

You'll notice in a few of the first pictures that Vann has a name tag's from when he had his golf lesson that morning.  It was his last lesson and he was bummed it was over.  They practiced putting and he did great!  They had a few contests to see who could sink the putt first and Vann won two times!  He was jumping up and down on the green :)  

Have you been watching the Olympics?  We have...I just love watching gymnastics, swimming, really all of it!  We didn't have a very productive weekend.  I did get some errands taken care of, but no big projects.  Oh well, there's always next weekend.  Chris is grilling some ribs right now...can't wait to eat those!  I love when he grills on the weekends.  Hope you're having a nice, relaxing day!

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