Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sports Classes

Chayce had his sports class Monday night.  They learned about hockey.  And amazingly enough nobody was injured with all the hockey sticks being swung around.  I thought for sure someone would get clocked in the head, but the coach had the parents help out a bit to keep the kiddos busy so, a random accident wouldn't happen.  Chayce and I passed the hockey puck back and forth quite a few times...he was good at it!  He also liked scoring goals.  Here's one pic I captured...

Then Vann had his first golf lesson on Tuesday morning.  He was so excited about it!  It's the only sport he's been interested in playing this spring/summer so, if he continues to like it we may have a little golfer in our fam :)  Chris loves to golf so, of course he's thrilled that Vann is into golf right now.  

And I'm so excited...I finally learned how to zoom in on my iPhone!  It's not the best zoom and I can't go in super close or else it's all fuzzy, but at least I can get a little closer to the action.  Here's some pics from his golf lessons...

Coach helping him get his stance right

He's the second boy...he's watching the ball after he hit it

And I have one more picture for you...another belly shot!  Right now I'm 27 weeks along.  I feel the baby move all the time...I love's one of my most favorite things!  

Hope you're all having a fabulous day!

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