Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mini Golf

We took the boys mini golfing this weekend and they both loved it!  It was a pretty basic mini golf place, not many curves or tricks, but this was exactly what we were looking for since it was the boys' first time doing it.  We didn't want them to get frustrated and upset when their ball wouldn't go in the hole.  And they both did great!  Vann and I had about the same strokes per hole...oh ya know between 4 and 6...yeah I'm not that great of a putter.  Anywho...and Chayce had a pretty good first swing and then he would just move the ball like 2 feet from the hole and then try to put it in from there...and believe it or not, he made it quite a few times on the first or second try.  Chris and Vann both got a hole in one on the same hole which was super fun!  I definitely foresee us going again sooner rather than later. 

Little Chaycers getting ready to hit his ball

I didn't realize that I captured Vann's red ball just going in the hole!

Putting it under the bug car

Vann's sizing up the18th hole...the clown face.  If you made it in the nose you got a free game...nobody made it in the nose...

Chayce did make it in the clown's eye though!

So, that was one fun thing we did this weekend.  Another fun thing...well fun for me anyways...was getting a bunch of baby stuff from Buy Buy Baby.  I picked up some sheets, a mobile, a blanket and a bumper that all match...so exciting!  Now I can't wait to pick a paint color for his room...maybe this weekend, we'll see.  Anyhow, I keep slowly checking stuff off my never ending 'get ready for baby list'...it's got to get done at some point, right?!  

Okay, well I'm off to finish my book.  I'm reading 'The Girl Who Played with Fire' by Stieg Larsson.  It's the second book in his series and I'm liking it.  Have you read any good  books lately??

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