Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trip to Kansas

We had a great time in Kansas!  Spent time with family and friends, cooled off in the pool, went to a museum and lit off a bunch of fun fireworks.  All in all, it was a great trip!

Here's some pics of our fun.  Warning...there are a lot of them :)

The boys playing in the little pool at Gma's house

Chaycers shooting the tree with his water gun

Pretending to surf

Gma pulled out a bunch of Star Wars and army stuff her boys had growing boys were in heaven!

This kept them busy for a long time!

Dad's telling them all about the different guys

While the big boys golfed, I took my boys over to Derek and Shelley's house to swim.

It was a lot of fun!  

Here's a video of Vann going off the diving board

All the kiddos doing some pops

I'm pretty sure it was Aaron who gave Vann the blow torch before we started lighting our fireworks...don't worry it wasn't lit!

Getting ready for some fireworks

All the kiddos!

I love this pic!  They're all looking up at the firework.

It was super hot there so, we decided to cool off by playing some Wii in the basement.

Love my boys!

One of our cousins is a fireman so, he had his buddies stop by with their firetruck...a big hit with the kids!  

Chaycers driving

Vann driving

All the kiddos

Silly faces!

We went to the Exploration Place to check out their Star Wars exhibit.  Here's Chayce trying out one of the puzzles there.

Vann's trying to get four T's to fit into a small was harder than it looked. 

Picture with Chewbacca

Vann listening to info about the droid

Chayce listening to info about something...robots I think.

Building a robot

Vann and I were trying to get this little robot to go where we wanted him to...we sort of succeeded before he got distracted and moved on to something else

Darth Vader


Chayce driving this car thing

Vann's turn!

They also had this cool castle stuff at the museum.  Here's Vann setting off a catapult.

Chayce's turn!

Hugs before we got in the car to drive home

Giggling with Gma!

So, there you have it!  A fun couple of days in Kansas.  We came back to some crazy heat here in Illinois.  It's finally cooling off a bit today which is nice.  Alright, I need to go get the boys in the tub.  Have a good night!

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