Thursday, October 18, 2012

Edible Arrangement

Have you ever received one?  An Edible Arrangement?  Well, let me tell you it's a fun surprise to receive!  One of my daycare families sent this to us the other day, congratulating us on little Ash.  The boys were more than excited!  They could not wait to dig in and eat all that yummy fruit.  

The boys made some handprint ghosts the other day.  Here's a pic...

How cute are they peeking over their pictures?!

And here's a few pics from yesterday...

Vann reading me a book.  

While baby Ash sleeps the day away.  Look at those cheeks!!  Don't worry I kiss them often :)

So peaceful...

And the next bunch of pics is from today...

Chaycers sure loves his little brother!  

Checking out his little hand

Vann stopped to check baby Ash out too.  He's such a good little helper...always grabbing me this and that.  Even keeping an eye on Ash while I's great!

Kisses for the baby!  He sure gets a lot of those between all of us :)

His umbilical cord fell off today so, we started using his cloth diapers...yay!  It's a bit of a different fit than the Pampers I've been using for forever, but I'm determined to get it all figured out.  But check out that cute baby bum!  

We got another fun surprise in the mail today from a different daycare family...a cookie bouquet!!  

I'ts rainy and cold here today.  Makes me want to snuggle up in a blanket.  But I've been good...I've resisted the urge to get all cozy.  Can't promise it won't happen later though :)  I'm not sure if Grey's is new tonight, I hope so.  Ash likes snuggling with me at night while I watch my shows :)  

Okay I'm outta here...hope you're having a fun day!

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