Monday, October 15, 2012

My Cute Boys

We went up to Chris's Dad's to celebrate his birthday a couple of weekends ago.  I captured a few cute shots of the boys...

Seriously, how cute is he?!  And he's getting sooo big!

And my Vannipants...more cuteness!! 

Chayce wanted to hold his baby brother last night so, here's a few pics of them snuggling :)

I love the way Chayce is looking at sweet!  And little Ash is yawns are so cute :)

Checking out his itty bitty hands

I love kissing those little cheeks!
And he sleeps...

I'm excited to watch Castle that show!  Did you watch Revenge last night??  It was good...that show just has sooo much going on.  You never know what's gonna happen next.  Okay the little one is starting to squirm so, I gotta go.  Have a good night!

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