Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dentist Appointment

The boys each had a dentist appointment today.  And they did super!!  Vann's two bottom teeth have grown in very well since his last visit.  Remember when I told you about how his bottom adult teeth were growing in behind his baby can read more about it by clicking here.  Anyhow, they're looking really good.  My only concern now is that his gums between the two adult teeth are super low, but the dentist assured me that his gums would grow back like they should.  Vann has quite a few loose teeth right now.  And she said from the xrays that the adult teeth were ready to come through so we need to get those baby teeth out sooner rather than later.  He needs to start wiggling them...the tooth fairy better be ready!

Chaycers getting his teeth brushed with floride

All done!!  (Sorry about the bright was super sunny in the waiting room)

One more smile!

Vann getting his teeth cleaned

All done!!

Baby Ash was so cute last night while I was lotioning him up after his bath.  When I rubbed the lotion into his cheeks he smiled...a lot!  And it was almost like he wanted to super cute!  I kept rubbing his cheeks and he just kept was great!!  So, Ash and I have this little ritual where we snuggle up after the older boys go to bed.  I lay on my back and he lays on my chest.  I have great intentions of watching at least one of my taped shows, but usually I make it through like 10 minutes before I'm out like a light.  We sleep like that for a few hours...last night it was almost 4 hours!  I woke up feeling so refreshed!  I love our snuggle time :)

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