Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vann's 7th Birthday!

It's true...I have a 7 year old!  And man do I love that little boy!!  We had his birthday party on Sunday at this place called 'Under the Big Top.'  It has an arcade, a ball blaster arena, go karts and laser tag.  The kids had a blast!  And the adults had a good time too :)  The only thing we didn't do was the laser tag, but I told Vann we would go back there again and check that part of the place out another day.  

Here's a bunch of pics of the birthday boy on his special day...

Good morning my little 7 year old!!

And my little 4 year old!
Reading his Lego card

Opening presents

One of his favorites was this cool Lego Ninjago ship

They bounced between his new toys all morning...

Vann's putting his Ninjago Lego set together while Chaycers plays a game on my phone

Birthday boy in the ball blaster arena...all smiles!

Chaycers trying out skee ball

Getting ready to bonk 'em!


A highlight of the party...go karts!!  He was super excited!

Driving a boat...

Playing air hockey with Logan

Checking out the scoreboard...must've been good since he's all smiles :)

Chayce driving the boat

Meanwhile the little one sleeps...

Dad and Chayce 

Before we all left everybody headed back into the ball blaster arena.  The adults loaded up the ball shooter thing with as many balls as they could...

Then Vann pressed the button and sent them all flying in the air!  

It was a fun day!  Happy Birthday my little Vannipants!!  We love you bunches!!!

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