Friday, December 21, 2012


Remember that Christmas party we went to where Santa showed up?  Well, here are a few pics I took with my phone...

All the kids listening to 'The Night Before Christmas"

Santa!!  (BTW...Vann has his finger in his mouth because he's wiggling a loose tooth.  And Chris, not my Chris, actually pulled it out that night!)  

Vann and Santa

Chayce and Santa...he was a little wiggle worm on his lap :)

Ash and Santa  (I wish I would've brought my good camera so, the pics would've been better and Ash wouldn't have crazy eyes...oh well!)

We had another Christmas party last Saturday.  All the kids did a gift exchange so, that was fun!  And I had a great time chit-chatting with my girl friends.

Vann and his buddy Will 

Okay, this next pic is super dark, but I had to share it.  It's Chris and Baby Ash.  Ash loves talking to's adorable!!  Chris doesn't love pictures so, I had to keep the flash off as not to interrupt the cuteness.  I'm hoping to get it lightened up a can do that right??

Daddy love :)

My little guy being super smiley!  I love this baby!!

Speaking of my sweet baby...let me tell you what's new with him.  He's started sleeping a bit longer here and there.  The other night he slept from 9:30 to 5:30...8 hours!!  Oh and he does this super cute thing when he's going to sleep.  Well first he does a not so super cute thing and he cries and cries.  He'll go from being all smiley and happy one minute to very upset the next.  So, he cries and I know he's tired so, I cradle him in his 'fall asleep' position.  I hold him in a cradle hold with his one arm down so his belly is against mine.  Then he turns his head all the way into my elbow so all I see is the top of his's adorable!  For whatever reason he likes to smother himself when he falls asleep :)  No really, he can breathe...I checked...there's a gap between my arm and body so, no worries there.  But he does it every time he falls asleep...

So cute huh?!

What else...oh gosh, we had quite the ordeal last night.  Chayce is prone to bloody noses...has been for forever now.  So, we always run a humidifier in his room when he sleeps.  Anyhow, last night around 5ish he got a small bloody nose.  No biggie, I got it under control and told him to relax on the couch with his head laid back on a pillow.  I know, I know...lean him forward you say.  Well, my whole life I always laid back when I got bloody noses so, that's just the way I do it.  And I've done it this way for Chayce and it's never caused a problem...until yesterday.  After like 5 minutes of laying down he gets up to go to the bathroom and starts puking blood...yeah scary right?!  It was quite the sight.  Thing is I couldn't get the darn bloody nose to stop bleeding.  And even though at this point I had his head tilted forward, it wasn't enough because he kept swallowing blood which then he kept puking up.  Now I'm not one to freak out and rush to the doctor...but I was almost panicked.  I called Chris, my bff and my mom.  What do I do?  Do I take him in or wait to see if it'll stop bleeding?  I waited, we tilted his head forward super duper far so it would stop going to his stomach and eventually, after a good 45 minutes it finally stopped.  Whew!!  Thankfully one of my daycare moms walked in the door just as this whole thing started and she held/fed/took care of Ash while I handled the nose situation.  A big thanks to her!  

So late last night I got to thinking that I should put together a bag in the car of things we may need in situations like that.  Let's say I did have to rush him to the doctor/hospital...I don't have time to grab diapers/snacks/whatever.  Let's face it, I wasn't sure how I was gonna get all three kids in the car as it was...with one crying cuz he's hungry and one dripping/puking blood everywhere.  I mean we would all survived had I not packed a thing and we rushed out the door.  But I'm a planner so, I thought...why not make a bag so I'm prepared for it.  So, I'm putting that on my to do list...

Oh and Chayce is totally fine.  His nose did trickle blood a few times throughout the rest of the night, but nothing big at all.  And he woke up feeling great today!  Well he has been a little cranky, but nothing a nap won't fix :)  


  1. I had bloody noses a lot when I was little. Had one similar to Chayce's that lasted forever, and then my mom took me to the doctor and they cauterized (sp?) it. I haven't had one since.

    1. How did I not know that about you?! I had them a lot when I was little too. And mom had to take me in to get it cauterized too. But I still get them. In fact, I had one almost every night during the last couple of months that I was pregnant with Ash. They were small and manageable, but still very much a bloody nose...and super annoying. Are any of your kids prone to them?

    2. You were probably still in Texas when this happened. My kids have actually (knock on wood) never had them. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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