Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

We had a few friends over for New Year's Eve for a little get together.  The plan was to have all the kiddos crash upstairs while the adults got their drink on and played some games, but the little ones had other plans.  So, all the kids, besides Vann and Chayce, were awake to ring in the new year with us!  

Our friend, Laurie, and her son Alex just happened to be at a wedding in a town 2 hours from us so, they took a detour on their way back to Ohio and spent NYE with us.  A fun last minute surprise!

Baby Ash talking to Alex

I precut some masks for the kiddos to decorate.  I thought they all turned out pretty cute! 

Linda, Chayce, Viv, Vann, Jack and Molly

I made a fun drink for the kids to drink when we did their countdown.  It was cranberry juice, lemonade and gingerale...I liked it a lot actually.  Chayce, however, did not like it.  He says, 'Mom this is poppy, I don't like poppy!'  Poppy = carbonation.  They don't ever get pop.  Of course they've had a few sips here and there, but it's completely foreign to them.  So, Chayce didn't like my fun drink...even when I added raspberries to it like the recipe said.  He was so confused as to why I would put fruit in his drink.   Oh well...I tried :)

Chayce and Vann blowing their horns!

Happy New Year everyone!!

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