Thursday, January 3, 2013

Naked Baby Pictures

Okay he's not totally naked...he's wearing his diaper.  I realized I hadn't snapped many naked baby pics of Ash so, I made a point to take a few today while I was changing him into his clothes for the day.  

Just chillin'

My sweet baby :)

I love this one!  

His new favorite thing to his hand :)

He loves to kick in his new bouncy seat.  

Chayce loves to be by Ash

Ash is like, you can lay on my chest, that's cool, but I'm gonna pull your hair...just sayin'

A little tummy action

Vann reading his new Lego magazine...he loves when it comes in the mail

Checking out all the 'cool creations' the kids have built

So, Ash has a few new tricks.  He is officially giggling which is so stinkin' cute!   And he falls asleep on his own which is bitter sweet for me.  I love that he can do this, but it just means he's growing up too fast.  He had a rough day for naps yesterday...thought it'd be fun to cat nap all day when normally he gets a couple of 2-3 hour naps in.  Anyhow, when I put him down for the night and he woke up less than an hour later, I was excited to snuggle with him on the couch so, he would sleep better.  He always sleeps really well on my chest so, that's what we did.  And we slept like that from 9:30 to 1:00...good snuggle time!  

Chayce's favorite words right now that he starts almost every sentence with are 'dude' and 'besides''s cute.  And Vann is loving the new Wii game Santa brought them...Skylanders...he likes to play it every chance he gets.  

Okay, well I need to get ready for bed.  Hope your day was great...sleep sweet!

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