Thursday, January 24, 2013


Our theme for this week and next is hibernation.  The boys love learning anything about animals.  One of our crafts was to make raccoon masks...

My little raccoons!

Ash is really into eating his hands lately.  I'm pretty sure his teeth must be moving around in there.  

These fingers are good!

I had a bit of the flu on Monday.  It started all of a sudden around noon.  I got sick a few times, but by the time I went to bed I was weird.  My belly hurt pretty bad all day though so, that wasn't fun.  Vann was so sweet.  He poked his head in the bathroom one time while I was getting sick and said, 'Mom, I wish I had a wish.  You know like with a wishbone?  And I would wish that you would feel better and I would be as sick as I was the other day.'  Awww, thanks buddy!  He had a touch of the flu the other week, only lasted half a day too.  I told him that I always wish I would be sick instead of him.  He said, 'You do?'  Yep, sure do!  

It's so super cold here!  How is it where you are??  I know it's early to start saying this, but I can't wait for spring.  I'm so missing playing outside with the kids...and I know they're missing it too.  But first we have to finish up winter...which isn't that bad since there's no snow.  But some warm sunshine would be great :)

Vann asked Chayce today who his best friend was.  Chayce thought for a minute and said...'You!'  My heart melted.  Vann said, 'Thanks Chayce!'  Then Chayce asked Vann the same question.  I was nervous he was going to say Nate, one of his little buddies.  But he said, 'You!'  Chayce's eyes lit up.  Brotherly love :)

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