Monday, January 21, 2013


Who needs the birds and the bees when you've got squirrels?  I love watching the squirrels scamper around the yard...chasing each other up and down the trees, around bushes, across's fun to watch.  And we're lucky to have quite a few around.  So, this morning as I was looking out the kitchen window I see three squirrels playing.  I call the boys to come watch with me.  After about 5 or so minutes of hopping from branch to branch, tree to of the squirrels hops on another one and starts joke, full out humping.  Vann was like, 'What is that squirrel doing Mom?'  Ummm...he's hugging his little squirrel friend...for like 3 was a long hug.  I probably could've/should've told him what they were really doing, but I didn't.  I mean he's 7 so, I can't keep it from him for forever.  But for today it was a really long squirrel hug :)

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