Friday, February 22, 2013

Good Morning!!

If this doesn't make your morning, I don't know what will... flippin' cute is this?!?!

The boys love doing science experiments.  And Vann is old enough now to do them by himself.  Usually I help out a bit, read the instructions, help pour if needed.  But not this time.  I let him take the reigns and do it all by himself.  He loved it!  So, he sat down the other day and got to work.  He could have done experiments all day if I let him.  And even though we've done some similar to these, he enjoyed it so much because he was in charge.  He poured and mixed and measured and stirred and predicted and made a big mess!  It was great.  And Chayce loved being his little side kick!  
Vann's showing Chayce how when you cross the test tubes the blue and yellow make green

They made snow!   

Speaking of snow...we were supposed to get a bunch last night, but didn't.  I hope the kids will be able to get outside for a bit to play in it today.  It all depends on my little Chayce.  He's not feeling 100%.  Had a fever yesterday and pretty much laid on the couch all day.  So, we'll just see how the day goes.  Hope you have a great day!

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