Thursday, February 21, 2013

President's Day

President's Day lined up perfectly with our first lessons in our Road Trip USA curriculum.  We've been talking all about presidents, Washington D.C., coins, all kinds of fun stuff.  I brought this great United States atlas home from the library and Vann is really digging it.  He's been checking it out even when it's not 'school' time.  I may pick one up off of Amazon because we will be using it the whole year as we learn about all the states.

Vann making his George Washington

Chaycers gluing his on

Adding his hair

I think Vann's George Washington is cute :)

Vann painting a cherry tree

Adding some cherries

Chayce's cherry tree

Adding his cherries

Beautiful tree!

Cute baby on his belly!

I'm gonna try to post again later today so, be sure to check back :)  Have a great day!!

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