Thursday, February 14, 2013

House Drama

We had quite the weekend with this house of ours.  It felt for a moment like it was just falling apart.  It's not...well not yet anyhow.  It all started the other night.  I was sitting in the basement and noticed a few of the ceiling tiles had water spots.  Ummm, where did those come from and why are they there??  After some investigation, Chris and I discovered that the humidifier in the boys' room was leaking...all the way through the floor.  Great.  Apparently the seal was broken ever so slightly and the water slowly leaked out of it.  Note to self...double check the seal when refilling it with water.  So that happened.  

Then Friday night I noticed the house was a little chilly while feeding Ash in the middle of the night.  Checked the thermostat...sure enough it's only 67 in here.  Not super cold by any means...but it did tell me that the furnace wasn't working.  I went and did what I know to try and fix it...flip the switch on and off...nothing.  It didn't even try to turn noises, clicking, nothing.  So, I wake Chris up...he couldn't get it running either.  So, I called someone in the morning to come take a look.  Our furnace now has a brand new motor...awesome.  Those puppies aren't cheap.  But we've got heat so, that's good.  

Next up is the coat rack.  As we were getting ready to leave for church on Sunday, Chayce was grabbing his coat off the coat rack we have hanging on the wall and it came completely out of the wall sending Chayce toppling to the floor.  He didn't get hurt, thankfully, just scared him a bit.  So, yeah that happened.  

And to top it off, Sunday night as I was tidying up a bit, I went to turn off the dimmer switch in our dining room and it was stuck.  Just wouldn't push in.  So, I pushed harder.  I mean that's what you would have done, right?  It broke.  It was an easy fix though.  Chris popped a new switch in and we were back in business. 

So, that's what's going on with our house.  Nothing major really, just a lot of stuff we could have done without.  We did have a great weekend despite all of the house drama.  I can't wait to tell you all about it!  Tomorrow... check back tomorrow for all the details and some super cute pictures :)

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