Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hey there!  I feel like it's been awhile so, I wanted to say a quick 'Hello!' before going to bed tonight.  What's been going on here??  Well, let's see...I cut the boys' hair this weekend.  It was much needed.  They always look so much older after a haircut.  

Baby Ash has had quite a few good nights of sleep...a 6 or 7 hour stretch...so, that's been good.  Well, except for last night...he went back to waking up every 4 hours.  He's been a little snuggle bug lately.  I love it!  He's been falling asleep in my arms...it's been great :)  

Vann and I started our USA journey.  The first state we're learning about is Connecticut.  Did you know that the first hamburger in America was created in Connecticut??  Yep, it was!  By Louis Lassen, owner of Louis' Lunch in New Haven.  Kinda fun info.  

I sold my first custom made cupcake toppers on eBay the other day.  Kind of cool.  And she really liked them so, that made me happy.  I'm throwing around the idea of starting up an Etsy shop...you know with all the free time I have.  We'll see...

Two babies were born today...super exciting news!!  My cousin, Kristi, had a baby girl, Kollyns Mae.  And my friend, Hannah, had a baby boy, Benjamin Frederick.  So fun!!

I actually had a clean floor in my laundry room yesterday afternoon.  It was amazing!  I almost did a happy dance.  Then bedtime hit and there were more dirty clothes...

Vann busted his chin on the stairs yesterday...not cool.  He got it pretty good too.  It didn't bleed a lot, but it left a nice little gash on the bottom of his chin.  It's healing up nicely though.  

Okay, well that's all the randomness I have for ya right now.  I hope things have been great where you are...have a good night!

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