Sunday, March 3, 2013


How's your weekend been?  Ours has been good so far.  I pureed a bunch of carrots and sweet potatoes for my littlest guy yesterday.  And he had his first taste of carrots last night for dinner...he liked them!  Of course the first two bites he was like, 'what the heck is this?', but then he was all about them.  

We had a surprise visit from some good friends last night.  They used to live across the street from us and we miss them dearly.  It was so great catching up and chit-chatting for a bit. 

The boys played a lot of Mario Kart yesterday.  Vann's all about getting new guys and new cars and I'm not sure how many he got, but I know he unlocked quite a few.  Chris's friend, Mike, came over last night and he likes Mario Kart a lot too.  They worked together to pass a bunch of levels.   It was so cute listening to them talk all about Mario. 

Here are some pics from last week...

They glued pasta onto the letter P

This craft is more for Chayce, but Vann still likes doing everything too

Chaycers gluing some wheel shaped ones on

Chayce was entertaining Baby Ash 

Ash loves his big brothers.  He looks and listens and talks to's cute!

Hey Mom!

I love his expression here

A little smile!

Chayce had a lot of toys lined up for him and he kept showing Ash each was adorable :)

Watching him so intently

Meanwhile, Vann is reading a book about the moon.

Vann and his buddies playing Wii

My cute boy!

Chayce did not want me to take his picture...

Little stinker!!

Okay, well I'm off to get some chores done.  Hope you have a fun day!

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