Friday, February 1, 2013

The Movies

Can you believe January is over?!  I can't...although I do like that we're one month closer to spring.  We have the tiniest bit of snow here...not enough to even completely cover the grass.  It's so weird.  Usually we have piles and piles of it...but not this year.  Not that I'm complaining.  

I took the older boys to the movies this past weekend.  We saw 'Wreck It Ralph' was cute.  They've both been wanting to see it since it came out like two months ago.  I ate waayyy to much kettle way too was good.  And it's Vann's fav so, he really enjoyed it too.  

Oh gosh, I totally forgot to tell you that Vann lost another tooth!!  That makes 5 now.  He just pulled it out!  He has such a cute lil' smile now :)  When the tooth fairy visited, she couldn't find the tooth!  And she even knew right where he had put it under his pillow.  So, she left money and hoped to find the tooth in the morning.  Somehow the tooth ended up on other side of the bed!  Vann found it...before the tooth fairy could.  Ah well, there are worse things.  And he was super stoked that she let him keep it!

Here's some pics from the other day...

Vann was being silly and attached a balloon to his was funny!! 

Check out that toothless smile :)

Smile Chayce!!  'No way Mom!'

There's my cute boy!

They painted some egg carton snakes...

Hope you're having a stellar Friday!  I'll be back later...stay tuned :)

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