Friday, March 22, 2013

He's on the move!

It's not an official crawl just yet, but my little Ash is on the move.  He does this cute lil version of an army crawl to get where he needs to go.  Watch out big bros...your stuff is not safe anymore!  He's also working really hard on sitting up all by himself.  He can sit for a few seconds before he topples over.  He's getting so big!

Chayce said the cutest thing yesterday.  I was sitting on the floor, Ash was standing up in front of me facing outward, I was holding his hands out so, his body was in kind of an X position.  Can you picture it??  Well anyhow, Chayce says, 'Look Mom, Ash is doing a hop jack!'  Me, 'A What?'  Chayce, 'A hop jack!'  Me, 'Oh you mean a jumping jack??'  Crack me up!!  And then a bit later Ash was laying on his back on the floor.  We were singing him songs and just playing.  Chayce puts his hands on his belly and says, 'I could do a handstack.'  Again me, 'A what?'  Chayce, 'A handstack.'  Me, 'Oh a hand stand?  Well not on Ash, but yes that's the start of a handstand.'  Apparently I need to review gymnastics terminology with him :)

The boys playing with their Mario Kart tracks

Hope you have a fun Friday!!

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