Monday, March 11, 2013

Hi there!

We had a nice relaxing weekend.  I got some errands taken care of...Costco being one of them...I love that place.  Chayce went with me and he basically ate lunch there trying all the different foods they had out. Meanwhile Vann stayed home and played some Wii.  

Vann had a little science class at the library on Saturday.  It was for 1st and 2nd graders.  He liked it, although we were both expecting more of an experimenting type of class and it was all about animals.  Still good, just not what we were expecting.  So, that was fun for him.  

Baby Ash had a rough weekend.  Teething is not fun...just ask him.  He's doing a bit better today, but I'll be glad when those little suckers pop through and give him some relief.  I made him some pears this weekend.  And I plan on making him some peas and prunes sometime this week.  Slowly building my frozen stock of food for him.  I love having lots of choices so I can mix them up into yummy concoctions for him.  He's still only eating a little bit once a day, but that will increase before I know it.  Oh, I forgot to tell you...he's been working hard on getting up on all fours!!  It's so cute to watch.  So far he's only made it up on his forearms and knees, but he's getting there.  And he's rolling and turning all over the place.  

Here are some pics from this past week...

There was a pretty cardinal sitting on the bush while it snowed the other day.

Vann painting his jellyfish

Chaycers painting his jellyfish

Getting streamers for the tentacles

Chayce, Vann, Mia and Harley...the girls both wanted only purple streamers :)

Ash chillin' in his bouncy seat

Reaching for his toys


Eating his toy


Eating his elephant...he loves this little thing

And this one...the blue parts are the best!

The boys wrestling

Love them!!

My new favorite thing to do...chew on/drink from my sippy cup

The boys playing Battleship...I used to love this game when I was little :)

Ooh, what is that over there?!

Mom's camera lens cap...I need to get that!


Have a great Monday!!

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