Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Easter Tree

I've never had an Easter tree before.  Always thought they were cute, but never had the desire to make or buy one.  I'm not really into decorations, except for around Christmas and even then I only really have a few.  It's not that I don't like decorations.  I just don't like spending money on stuff like that.  I'm weird, I know.  And I would love to make them, but let's face it, I barely have enough time to get all my other stuff done.  Anywho, back to our Easter tree.  

I was looking for a fun simple craft for the kiddos to do today and without even planning on it, it turned into a cute lil' Easter tree.  I cut a bunch of smallerish Easter eggs out of pastel cardstock.  One activity was for the kids to just decorate/color some eggs.  Then later when all the littles went down for a nap, the older kids did a shaving cream painting on the rest of the eggs.  

It was super simple, but it smelled horrible!  I guess I could look for some nicer smelling shaving cream, but I had bought the kind we have forever ago for a different craft so, that's what we used.  Okay so, you fill a shallow container with shaving cream.  And spread it out, we used a spatula.  Then you squeeze some paint onto the shaving cream.  We used six different colors and just put them on the shaving cream in lines.  Then the kids swirled/mixed the paint into the shaving cream with a butter knife.  Not too much mixing at first.  Then you press the paper egg onto the mixture and lift up.  After it sits for a few minutes, scrape the shaving cream off the egg, I used a burger flipper.  And you're left with a really pretty swirly paint design.  After they made a few they would swirl the paint some more.  At the end, while I was scraping all the excess off their eggs, they swirled till it was a nice shade of grey :)  

So, as the eggs were drying I thought 'Hey, we should make an Easter tree!'  I picked up a few branches from outside, painted them white, stuck them in a vase, and hung their pretty eggs from them.  It looks great on the table!  It was easy and free...love it!  

Spreading the shaving cream

Vann discovered if he lifted his spatula straight up, it made peaks.  

Swirling the paint
Here are some of the eggs before I scraped the shaving cream off

And after...check out the pretty swirls

Our Easter tree! 

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