Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ash's 6 month appt

Ash had his 6 month check up last Thursday.  He doesn't officially turn 6 months for a few more days though.  Anyhow, his appt went great!  He weighs 14lb 13oz and is 26 inches long.  He was very active and kept trying to eat the paper he was sitting on, crawl off the table, was a little busy body till shot time.  Then he just sat there and stared at the nurse...it was kind of funny.  He cried when she gave him the shots.  The older boys were not happy hearing him upset.  But once it was over I picked him up and he was okay.  

He's been very busy working on crawling.  He's still only army crawling, but he's everywhere!  I'm going to have to start using my baby gates here pretty soon.  And he's quick...when he sees something he wants anyhow.  He had a big weekend...his second bottom tooth poked through, I started him on a nap schedule and we lowered his crib...all fun stuff!! 

Here are all three boys.  I was in the way of Chayce seeing the tv so, he's laying all crazy.  Ash kept eyeballing Vann's Wii remotes.  

Ash crawling around after his appt.  

I love his blue eyes!

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