Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Morning

The boys had a lot of fun finding all the eggs the bunny hid.  Seeing what's inside was the best part!  

Vann and Chayce looking inside all the eggs they found.

Ash is checking out the new toy the bunny brought him

Distracted by an Easter egg...

Got one...and it tastes good!

Someone moved me back to this thing...hmmm, these lights are pretty cool...

But what I really want is this ball!

Or maybe this kite...

Ya know what...this grass stuff looks like a lot of fun...

Meanwhile Chayce is eating some chocolate

And Vann is putting his Lego thing together

All my kiddos :)

We colored eggs later that day.  It was the first time we've done it on Easter, but time got away from me during the week and we just didn't get it done.  Better late than never, right?  

How was your Easter?  Did the bunny bring you some yummy treats?  I was pretty good and only bought a little bit of candy for the kids.  I resisted the urge to buy a bag of chocolates cuz I knew I would eat the whole thing myself...in one day.  So, I got them a bunch of little packages of treats.  They were nice and did share a few pieces with me so, I got my candy fix without eating a whole bag and feeling like crap afterwards.  Speaking of food...my belly is rumbling right now so, I'm off to grab something to eat.  Talk to ya later!

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