Friday, April 12, 2013

Ice Cream for Dinner

Well, not really.  But we did have ice cream at dinner time.  Then we ate our real dinner a little later.  

I received a $20 gift card for this very yummy ice cream place called Cold Stone for Christmas.  Most of you know my little Chayce is lactose intolerant and although he seems to be able to eat a very little amount of lactose here and there...there's no way his belly could handle ice cream.  So, I hopped on their website to see if they had any lactose free options.  And sure enough they did...sorbet!  Well we were headed to the mall the other day for something...oh sunglasses for Vann.  And I just happened to remember I had this gift card.  So, after buying some sunglasses we headed to our next store, Children's Place, and on our way we stopped to see if by chance Cold Stone had any sorbet.  Lucky us, they did!

The boys were beyond ecstatic!  We don't eat a lot of ice, this was a big treat for them.  I told them they could have whatever they wanted...size, price, flavor, nothing was off limits.  Fun, right?!  So, Chayce got raspberry sorbet in a waffle bowl that was dipped in chocolate and had sprinkles with white chocolate chips, gummy bears, and M&M's mixed in.  And Vann got cotton candy ice cream in a waffle bowl that was dipped in chocolate and had sprinkles with mini chocolate chips, gummy bears and sprinkles mixed in.  Great creations huh?!  

Once I had the boys all set, I accidentally ordered a german chocolate cake creation.  I planned on ordering chocolate with some mix-ins, but she thought I said german chocolate cake which apparently is a special creation.  When she started making it I got a little nervous because there's coconut and walnuts in it and I wasn't too sure about those in ice cream.  But all of that mixed with a ton of caramel and a nice sized brownie...well let's just say I wasn't complaining.  It was delicious! 

The boys loved their creations...except a few of the mix-ins.  All of Chayce's mix-ins got hard in the cold ice cream so, we ended up picking them out.  Vann also picked out his gummy bears...too hard.  But the ice cream itself and the waffle cone was a big hit!  When we left, we all had belly aches :)

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