Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Mets

Vann's baseball team is the Mets.  He got to choose his number so, he picked 15.  He looks so cute in his uniform!  I can't wait to see them all on their first game.  They have a small parade this Saturday to kick off the season.  I'm excited, but hope it's not too chilly...some sunshine would be fantastic.  

He had practice again last night.  And it was cold!!  I felt so bad for his little fingers...mine were freezing!  The younger two and I ended up sitting in the car for most of the practice.  Just too cold and windy for Baby Ash.  

Vann has been practicing a lot with Dad.  He's getting better at catching and throwing the ball.  So fun to watch him improve!

Trying on his new shirt and hat.  Little cutie!  

Chaycers hanging out in the warm car.

Ash is relaxing in his car seat.  

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