Monday, April 22, 2013

Picnic Lunch

It was such a nice day here today!  Finally!  We made sure to spend as much of it outside as possible while still getting our school work and housework done.  I love picnics and it's always a fun treat for the kids to eat lunch outside.  We invited the neighbor kids was fun!

Chayce was loving on Ash this afternoon.  He was pretty proud of himself for helping him up into his arms.  Even wanted me to take a picture of them :)  It's with my phone so, it's not super clear...

One more pose with Baby Ash :)

The boys were trying to stack these puzzle pieces and Vann finally got 'er done!  He was happy about it :)

So, no chicken egg action today.  If they're moving, they only do it when I'm not looking.  If they don't start hatching by tomorrow, I'm thinking they're just not going to which will be super sad.  One more day...

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