Thursday, April 25, 2013

They Hatched!!

Our chicks finally hatched!  Well three of them anyways.  The rest didn't make it...even the one that had a small crack on Tuesday morning.  

Chaycers listening to them chirp while still in their eggs...

They chirped!!

Vann talking to the eggs.  They would chirp if you talked to them :)

After all my daycare kiddos got picked up, I was switching some laundry and then headed back upstairs to get dinner started.  Thanks goodness I stopped at the incubator to take a peek because that's when I noticed the first egg hatching.  I quickly called the boys over to watch.  I was so happy they got to see the entire process.  And they thought it was pretty neat!  After the first chick came out another egg started hatching too.  So, they got to see two eggs hatch...awesome!  The third egg didn't hatch till later that night...around midnight.  Chris and I were glued to the incubator for like an hour waiting for the little chick to come out.  Baby Ash woke up right when he was getting ready to come out so, I didn't get to see him, but Chris did which was great.  We all got to see a little baby chick magic happen!

Vann, Kenny and Chayce watching the eggs hatch

The first egg hatching...

Almost out!

The second chick

The first he's not dead!

They loved watching them!

After they hatched they were so funny to watch.  They would hobble around falling over each other and the eggs and then suddenly be so tired they'd lay down to rest...then pop back up and do it again.  It was so cute!  

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