Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fork Action

Here's a few pics of my lil' man using a fork.  He doesn't poke the food by himself just yet, but he likes to take the fork already loaded with food from my hand and put it into his mouth.  Such a big boy!

What else is he up to?  Well, he thinks the older two are hilarious.  He watches them play and he just giggles and giggles.  It's cute.  He's been making this adorable funny face lately.  He squints his eyes and wrinkles his nose and does this thing with his mouth...hard to describe, but we like  it :)  

The new trick he did over and over yesterday, was to stand up by the couch and then just let go and plop down on his butt.  He thought he was pretty funny and kept doing it over and over again.  He found the vent in the middle of the kitchen recently and thinks it fun when the cool air hits him in the face.  He does a little know the one I'm talking about...and then smiles :)  Oh and he also found Molly's water bowl.  That's a fun one to keep the little ones out of.  He hasn't had a chance to dump it on himself yet, but it won't be long before it happens.  

He's started babbling his 'b' sounds a bit.  And he loves the 'where are you going?' game.  He crawls away and then turns back and looks at me and I say 'Where are you going Ash?' my best baby talk...and he just smiles and starts babbling back at's cute.  

Vann likes to 'walk' with Ash.  He holds him under his arms and helps him take steps.  And he plays this little game with Chayce.  We'll call it 'Chase Chayce'.  Chayce gets down on the floor with him and from across the room says 'Come here Ash!'  And Ash crawls over to him...all smiles.  Then Chayce moves to another spot and does it again.  Keeps Ash busy for a good 10 or so minutes :)

Okay well, I'm off to start breakfast!

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