Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baseball Game

Here are a few pics from Vann's game on Tuesday night.  He's still really enjoying it!  Even though sometimes we have to remind him to focus on the game instead of kicking the dirt around.  His batting keeps getting better every game.  I love watching his cute little stance when he bats...he finally looks comfortable when he's up to bat.  And the weather is so nice this week...we're loving it!  


Ash needed to take a quick lil' nap

Chayce playing in the dirt with some of the other youngsters

Vann did not want me to take his picutre

Little stinker!

More dirt digging.  They were making a fire...gathering sticks and everything for it. 

My favorite was when we got home and Chris asks me if the boys need a bath.  Ummm, yes.  Do you see they are both covered in dirt??  Sigh.  If it were up to him, the boys would likely never bathe themselves.  Even baby Ash got a quick bath.  I accidentally dumped a bunch of Puff crumbs on his head and you'd be surprised at how difficult they were to just brush off of him.  He loves to take a bath!  However, lotioning him up and getting his jammies on after a bath when he's super tired is not a good time.  He cries and cries.  But it only lasts a few minutes till he's snuggled up in my arms getting rocked to sleep.  Then he's a happy camper :)

Vann has another game tonight.  We're almost half done I think.  The last game is mid-June.  Okay, well I need to go...I'll write more later!

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