Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good News!

Turns out, I'm totally fine...yay!  The 'thing' she felt was nothing.  Well it was likely one of my body parts, but there's nothing wrong so, that's good.  The ultrasound showed all of my girlie parts are totally normal...phew!  

My bladder on the other hand is still very much prolapsed and so is my uterus.  And I wasn't crazy...I did see my bladder the other day.  The doctor had me push while he was examining me and sure enough it came way lower.  So, all this coughing I've been doing is not good for my bladder at all.  But I've got a Z-pack now so, it will hopefully clear up my cough and I can start to really focus on fixing things with kegels.  My goal is to do at least 150 a day.  They said the odds of me fixing it by doing kegels is good so that's what I'm gonna do...all day, every day...kegels.  They also want me to go to pelvic physical therapy...funny, right?  Who knew there was such a thing!  I'm hoping if I can be consistent with both of these that I can avoid any sort of surgery.  Because that is the last thing I want.  But I also don't want to pee myself all the time either.  So, kegels it is!  

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