Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Scooter Fun

Chaycers recently learned to ride Vann's razor scooter.  And he loves it!  He keeps asking for his own so, I think I'll be picking him one up at Toysrus soon.  Here are a few pics...

Cruising along...

I love this one!  

Ash loves crawling around on the grass.  But he also likes to try and eat everything he gets his little hands on...grass, sticks, all of that fun stuff.  Here he is chewing on a frisbee...

Cute baby!

Vann outgrew his bike this year and Chris's Dad had given us Evan's old one so, he's been riding that one now.  He's getting so big!  

His favorite is to stand up and pedal.

More pics of Ash hanging out by the basketball hoop...

He was obsessed with this little hole near the end of it.

He kept putting his mouth on it!  

Look at that cuteness!

So funny!

Love him to pieces!

Back to the hole...

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