Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Swing Time!

We met some friends at the park the other week.  It was so nice out.  We even tried to fly a kite, but apparently I suck at kite flying.  It must be because I'm short...yeah I'm going with that :)  We couldn't stay as long as I would've liked because little Ash was super tired, but we played a bit, ate a picnic lunch and got to chat with some friends.  Good times!  

First time in a swing and he liked it a lot!  He had a little runny nose which was why he was so tired I think...just a little under the weather.  And he must've thought his hand was delicious!  But he did squeal and smile quite a bit :)

Vann got an under dog from Sam!  

Chaycers just wanted a 'little' push.  

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