Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Party

We went to Mia's 5th birthday party this weekend.  I can't believe she's 5 already!  I've been watching her since she was 8 months old...she's definitely become a part of our family.  It was so cute yesterday...she was playing with Chayce and he grabbed her and planted a kiss right on her lips.  I was cracking up!  Mostly because he runs and gets so shy when someone, especially a little person, tries to kiss him.  Anyhow, it was cute :)

Chayce playing PacMan

Vann taking a swing at the pinata

Vann sliding down the water slide!

Chayce's turn!

The birthday girl...she's so cute!!

Our neighbors moved out of their house this weekend.  The boys were sad to see their little friend, Kenny, go.  But we'll still see them since they only moved a few blocks away...just not everyday like the kids are used to.  I'm hopeful the new neighbors will be nice and friendly.  

The boys hanging out before Kenny had to leave.

It's hot out today...and sticky. The kids are sweaty messes right now.  Chayce walked up to me and said, 'Mom what's wrong with my hair?'  Um, that's sweat buddy :)  And Mia looked at Vann and said, 'Vann, your hair looks funny!'  He's a little sweaty too.  Maybe it's time to head inside and cool off for a bit.  

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