Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No Bueno

Do you want to hear about the awesomeness that happened to me tonight?!  It was no good.  The boys and I were headed to Paige's house to return the carpet cleaner she let me borrow.  I got everyone buckled up and we started backing out of the driveway when...BAM!!  I hit the brakes...um, what was that?  I thought it was the carpet cleaner banging around in the trunk.  So, I let off the brake a little and again...Bam!  Hmm...that's strange, what could it be?  I peek in my mirrors again...my previous glances in my mirrors revealed that nothing was there...I swear.  But this last time I could see the culprit...the recycling bin!!  Ugh.  I hop out of the car to pull it up the driveway when something catches my eye.  Are you flippin' kidding me?!?!  It busted my tail light!!!  Bleepity bleep bleep bleep!...went through my head.  What came out was oh fudge!  Fudge, fudge, fudge.  I get back in the car and Vann says 'Mom it sounds like you're saying fudge.'  Me, 'I am saying fudge...I just broke the car.'  I was so mad at myself...still am actually.  

How the heck does a recycling bin bust a hole in your tail light you ask?  Well, apparently I hit the handle of the bin just right and it popped right through.  I mean come on!  How does that happen??  Ugh.  I wasn't even going fast and I looked behind me.  I told Chris it was in my blind spot.  He disagreed.  I swear it wasn't there...I mean why would I back into it on purpose?  

What's crazy is that I always do a bike check in the garage before going anywhere in the summer.  I've backed over a tricycle before.  I really couldn't see that one...and well let's just say the trike wasn't quite the same after that.  So, I did the bike check, put the carpet cleaner in the trunk, got buckled up, and started to leave...all the while looking in my mirrors for little ones who may decide to buzz past me on a bike or scooter.  Maybe that was my problem...I was looking for kids, not big, blue recycle bins.  Sigh.  

So, yeah how awesome is that?!  Not very, I know.  Chris found the part online so, we're gonna order it and hopefully he can pick it up and get it installed before our vacation next week.  Fingers crossed it's an easy install.  

Here's a pic of the damage...

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