Sunday, June 2, 2013


We got our live caterpillars last week.  And we've been watching them grow from tiny lil' guys to really big ones!  It's been so neat to watch.  The boys are digging it and we've reading lots of great caterpillar/butterfly books.  

Chayce checking out the little caterpillars.  This was when we first got them.  

So after the first day, the caterpillars just ate and grew...that's it.  They also crawled around a lot and got their silk everywhere in the little cup.  Then on Friday morning we had two caterpillars hanging from the top of the cup.  By lunch time they had turned into their chrysalis (pupa).  So cool.  It was of the caterpillars kept touching one of the pupas and the pupa would swing and super fast!  It was like it was saying 'Stay away...I'm busy turning into a butterfly in here!'  

The boys checking out the two pupas.  

As of today, we have five pupas and we transferred them to the mesh cage thing where they'll come out as butterflies and have a little more room to fly around.  Then we'll set them free outside!

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