Saturday, June 1, 2013

Standing Up

Baby Ash is still on the move.  He's a quick little crawler.  Likes to pull up on anything he can.  Here's a few pics...

Checking out the play kitchen

Moving to the exersaucer

Happy baby!


His top tooth starting poking through the other day.  I would love to say he had a rough couple of nights because of it, but that would mean he had good nights.  But he doesn't.  He still thinks it's fun to wake up numerous times a 3 or 4.  Yeah, it's awesome.  I do love the snuggles and the rocking, I totally do.  But I also love sleep.  And I'm still not getting very much.  But it's okay...he'll sleep through the night one day.  He will...he totally will...right??  The other night I was so out of it when he woke up.  I had to put a bottle together and then pour some milk into it.  Well, for some reason I thought the bottom was already on the bottle.  Why I thought this I'll never know because they are all stored with the bottoms not on them.  But anywho...I grab the bottle with no bottom and start pouring the milk into it.  Milk went everywhere!  Yeah, that was fun.  Other than not sleeping through the night, he's a great little baby!  And I know it'll happen one day.  I just hope that day comes sooner rather than later.  

Trying to take a pic of Ash and I...

He started saying his 'd' sounds yesterday morning.  I love his it!  Could listen to it all day long.  And when he talks to you, like a conversation...just adorable!  Oh and he gives kisses now too.  Little open mouth baby kisses...can't get much better than that!

So, that's a little of what's new with baby Ash.  Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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  1. I thought having the third would be easy because they first two slept through the night right away. WRONG! Annika did not sleep through the night until she was 1. Good luck, I know how tough it is.


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