Thursday, June 6, 2013


The boys still really enjoy playing basketball.  When Chris first wanted a basketball hoop I didn't get it.  I thought for sure it was going to be a waste of money.  But I'm a girl and I suck at basketball.  Little did I know that this hoop would be so much fun for everyone...the little boys, the bigger boys (Chris and Mike), the neighbor kids, everyone.  It's so much fun to watch them all play.  I love it!  I love when the neighbor kids come over and they try to play a game.  It's good fun for them all and they're always a sweaty mess when they're done.  I'm excited to see how much better Vann is at the end of the summer.  

He's getting much better at dribbling

The boys all playing Mario Kart make believe outside

My cute lil' ball player.  I so wish I had a zoom lens so, I could take better pics.

Ash and Ryan hanging out during Chayce's t-ball game

Ash crawling in the grass
Chaycers getting his trophy...he's the one in red sitting down with the hat on.  He loves his trophy!
Chayce took this pic, along with about 25 more, of Chris, Ash and I watching Vann's game.

Speaking of baseball...Vann got another game ball on Tuesday night!!  He made two great plays, resulting in outs on third base.  He also got a nice hit off of a kid pitcher.  It was the first game the kids got to pitch a few times.  They were all so used to the coach pitching so, it was a bit of a challenge when the kids took over.  Anyhow, he was excited about his second game ball!

We have a game tonight.  It's kinda rainy here so, we'll see if it gets cancelled or not.  I hope not because it's taco night!  Everyone is bringing a dish and we're setting up a taco bar...the other team is joining us too.  It should be fun.  

I signed both boys up for soccer last night.  They don't start for awhile though.  Chayce starts is August and Vann starts in September.  Vann will also be taking some golf lessons in July.  I'm hoping the weather warms up so, we can get a pool pass.  But if it stays like this it'll be pointless.  If we do get one, we'll be spending a lot of our nights/weekends at the pool...should be fun!  

Okay, I better go.  Talk to ya later!

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