Thursday, June 6, 2013

Chayce Funnies

My little Chayce sure says some cute and funny things.  Here are a few from the past week..

We've been borrowing these Signing Time DVD's from the library lately.  The kids love them!  They think the songs are fun and they've been learning lots of new sign language.  I've been learning a lot too. the opening song on every movie, it says, 'It's signing time with Alex and Leah.'  So, we're driving in the car the other day and he says, 'Mom.  Is the Leah in the movie and the Lia that used to come to our house from different planets?'  Me, ' You mean states?'  Chayce, 'Yeah, states.'  So cute!

Just this morning he was building a tower with blocks and Baby Ash wanted to help know how that goes though.  After Ash crashed his tower a few times Chayce says, 'Mom can you move Baby Ash?  He keeps knocking my tower over.'  Me, 'He doesn't mean to knock it over Chayce, he doesn't know what he's doing.  He just wants to play with you.'  Chayce, 'He knows what he's doing, he can see with his eyes Mom!'  Not quite what I meant buddy, but you're right he can see with his eyes...oh my little Chayce :)

Oh this one cracks Vann and I up every time he says it.  For some reason he started calling napkins...napkans.  'Mom can I have a napkan?'  Vann and I giggle.  He just looks at us, 'What?'  We've tried correcting him, but he still says napkan.  

While we're talking about he is freaking cute to watch ride his bike.  He just zooms's great!  We took the training wheels off of his bigger bike and he's not quite tall enough. Man did he try though!  He can ride it no problem, but he can't touch the ground while he's sitting on the seat...not even while it's leaning a bit.  Kind of a problem when it comes to starting or stopping.  So I may have to get him some new tires for his little bike.  The ones on it now are bad.  I should look into that this weekend.  

Okay I think I'm done posting for today :)  Hope your day is going great!

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