Friday, July 19, 2013


Did I ever tell you how Chayce busted his chin on the stairs going to the basement a few weeks ago?  I don't think I did.  And since this is basically my online scrapbook, I figure I better document it.  It was pretty bad.  The only thing that made it okay was Chayce knowing that he now has a matching scar with Vann.  They've both busted their chins on the same flippin' stairs!  

We've had a laid back week.  Not much school or books.  Instead lots of games...Wii, Leapster, board games and this maze ball that the kids just love. 

They've had hours of fun with this joke!

The boys playing Monopoly Junior.  It's a cute, easier version of Monopoly...they like it.

Vann's reading a Chance card

Cheese!  Both have their eyes closed...awesome :)

Chayce and Mia showing me their silly faces :)

Ash's new favorite thing is to bounce on the couch.  He loves it especially when one of his brothers is on the other side trying to make him giggle.

Awww...he loves Molly!  Well her collar anyways :)

Still digs his walker

We went to Toysrus to pick up some cheap crayons and I decided to try Ash in a shopping cart.  Not sure why I haven't tried it yet...we always just use the stroller.  I think I was nervous he would be like Chayce who was such a squirmy lil' thing in the cart.  I remember it took me forever to shop because I spent so much time trying to keep him seated.  He did eventually get over the squirminess and my shopping became much easier.  He liked to sit sideways with his legs stretched I let him.  As long as he stayed seated I didn't care how he sat.  Anyhow, I thought for sure Ash would try to stand up, but he didn't.  He did great!  He held onto the front of the cart the entire time...except when he was waving at the boys!

He's waving!  

Okay, I'm off to catch up on some tv shows I have taped.  Chris wanted to watch a movie, but when I went to see what Netflix movie he decided on, all I heard was him snoring...I guess he was tired!  Sleep sweet!

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