Saturday, July 20, 2013

Splash Park

We had a birthday party for one of my daycare kiddos this morning at a splash park.  It's sooo nice out, the weather was perfect for it!  

Vann running through the water

Chayce spent more time at the real park next to it.  He was being super shy with all the new faces. 

The kids were pushing balls through the pipe with the water.


Ash stayed home with Chris and napped during the party.  But we brought his bucket home and he thought it was pretty cool.

He kept making noises in the was cute :)

Then I surprised the boys and took them to the little candy store in town that my friend just bought.  They were excited to see their little buddy Kenny!  They each picked out a few fun pieces of candy...their fav being a ring pop.  

I'm headed to the grocery store in a few minutes.  We need some fruits and veggies!  And bread...Chris is in love with bread.  I really need to make it more.  Maybe I'll pull the bread maker out and make a loaf or two this week.  

Speaking of friend, Paige, told my about this yummy banana bread.  It's called cinnamon swirl banana bread.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my kids love it!  They are not big banana bread eaters...and I've tried many different variations.  But this one was a winner with them.  I'll share the recipe with you soon.  It's super easy and delish!

Hope you're having a fun Saturday!!

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