Tuesday, August 6, 2013

10 months old

My little Ash turned 10 months old yesterday!  And he's finally back his normal lil' non fever self which I'm so thankful for.  He took a super long nap Sunday morning and woke up fever free and has been since.  Yay for that!  

Cute baby!

He loves to dig in the paper drawer

Love him!!

He's obsessed with the garbage right now.  I'm hoping he becomes obsessed with something else very soon.  I mean I clean the garbage can on a regular basis, even more so now, but it's still a garbage can.  

He's taking more and more steps.  He even took a few while playing by himself yesterday.  Usually he takes them while walking into Chris or I's arms so, it was exciting to see him do it on his own without any encouragement.  

What else...he slept through the night again the other night!  This makes two nights in his whole little life.  And he's had more nights of waking up only once which I'm grateful for.  But the majority of nights he still wakes up between two and four times.  

Remember I told you awhile ago how he doesn't love carrots.  Same is still true today.  You can add peas to that list.  I've tried countless times and will continue to feed him them, but as for now they're a no go.  And he eats things of all colors and textures...some examples of things he loves are avocados, broccoli, kiwi, green beans...all green and lots of textures.  You'd think peas would be no problem...nope.  Oh well, he eats lots of other fruits and veggies so, I'm not too concerned.  

He loves his older brothers and giggles often at the things they do.  Just last night Vann was humming a random tune and Ash thought it was hilarious and busted out laughing...it was super cute!  And the older two love making him laugh :)  Chayce just loves to be by him...he's been like that since he was born.  

Okay, I could jabber on and on about my kiddos, but I should probably get going.  The boys need to get started on their schoolwork and my chore list is staring at me.  Hope you have a great day!

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