Saturday, August 3, 2013


Do you shop at Staples?  I've never really shopped there too much until recently.  They actually have some really great deals sometimes.  I've scored free paper, super cheap glue, folders, pencils, erasers, all kinds of fun stuff.  And when I say super cheap I'm talking under 50 cents...some things were only a penny!  Anyhow, you should check them out if you have one near you.

We roasted marshmallows again tonight.  Our neighbors joined us...the kids had fun :)

Chayce's marshmallow was on fire so, Chris was blowing it out!
Ash is hanging out with Mike, while Vann, Victoria and Chayce roast their marshmallows.  

My sweet baby has had a fever the past couple of days.  At first we thought it was because he has another tooth coming in on top, but it got pretty high last night...103' I'm guessing he's got something else going on.  Other than it spiking in the middle of the night last night, it's been right around 100 so, not super bad.  But I don't like when it gets over 102.  I'm hoping he'll be fever free tomorrow.  Despite his fever, he's been in good spirits.  A little sleepier and snugglier, but not cranky or anything.  

Speaking of Ash, he's got a new trick he can do...blow kisses!  It's super cute.  And he's started shaking his head and bouncing up and down a bit when he hears music...I should try and get his dance moves on video.  He also shakes his head when I say no.  Like when he's trying to play in Molly's water, I say 'No, no baby Ash' and he smiles and shakes his head :) 

The older two will be starting soccer soon.  Chayce starts next week and I haven't gotten Vann's practice schedule yet, but should be soon.  They're both excited!  

Hope you're having a fun weekend!

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