Thursday, August 22, 2013


We took the older two boys to Funway this past Saturday.  I purchased a Groupon for it a few months ago so, I wanted to be sure to use it before it expired.  

What is Funway you ask??  It's this really big play center for kids of all ages.  They have an arcade, outdoor mini golf, bumper cars, laser tag, indoor glow in the dark mini golf, a full bowling alley, a full skating rink, and probably more that I didn't even see.  The Groupon I got was for the four of us to mini golf, play laser tag and go roller skating.  

We started our lil' adventure by taking Ash to Paige's house.  We figured it would be easier to laser tag and roller skate without the lil' munchkin.  I had it all planned out...we'd get to her house just in time for his first nap, I'd get him to sleep and we'd be back before it was time for his second nap. know when you have plans that babies do everything they can to mess them up.  He was not about to nap in a completely different room with new stuff to look at and check out.  Even though he was so super tired and sleeping in my arms for a few minutes here and there.  The second I would lay him down he would be wide awake crying.  So, after awhile I gave up and we headed downstairs to see that I'd been trying to get him asleep for an hour!  Oops.  I didn't bring my phone in so, I had no idea what time it was.  

Not all was lost though.  Paige, in all her awesomeness, said she'd still watch the lil' stinker and that he'd fall asleep eventually.  Thanks Paige!

Off the rest of us go to have some fun!  First up...laser tag.  This was pretty fun!  I've never done it before so, didn't really know what to expect.  It was Vann, Chayce and I against Chris.  We beat him in points, but he killed us in hits.    

Next up, glow in the dark mini golf.  The boys have been wanting to do this for forever!  It was fun, but not quite as fun as regular outdoor mini golf in my opinion.  They enjoyed it though.  But Chayce was not a fan of the life-size musicians they had in it.  It was a rock-n-roll theme so, they had a drum set, and all kind of musical stuff.  

They thought it was cool that we glowed!

Chayce was seeing how many tickets we had.

Then we played a few arcade games before heading to the skating rink.  I was super excited to roller skate.  The boys were too.  They'd even put roller skates or blades on their birthday list.  And Chris had been talking all about how awesome of a skater he was way back when.  You could get either skates or blades...I chose blades and the boys all got skates.  I've only rollerbladed once and it didn't end so well...face planted into a large dumpster so, I wanted to give it another shot.  We all get ready to go and Chris takes a step onto the rink...2 seconds later he's on all fours crawling back to the carpet...he's done.   I was laughing because I thought he was a pro...guess not :)  I tell the boys that I need to go around a few times to get used to the blades before I can help them.  I'm not a pro by any means, but I can skate. After two or three laps I stop to pick up the boys.  Have you ever tried to teach a youngun to skate??  It's hard!  We had many falls and tears and laughs and smiles and by the end of it all they could each go around by themselves...very slowly, but they did it!  And they both said they wanted to take roller skates off their birthday list...haha :)

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