Wednesday, August 14, 2013

National Night Out

Bartlett has what they call 'National Night Out' every summer.  It's put on by the city for everyone who lives here.  They offer free food, free entertainment, all the local businesses set up tables to pass out brochures and give kids candy, it's a pretty good time.  

This year we watched the last little bit of some kids breaking karate boards...the boys loved it and wish we had seen the whole show.  The final guy did a little 'fruit ninja' action...he kicked a watermelon with his foot and it splattered everywhere!

We also watched Sky Dogs...dogs that chase and catch frisbees and do cool tricks.  The boys also loved this.  Even little Ash was entranced.  

If you look closely, you can see the black dog.

Ash was watching a balloon float up into the sky

The last thing we watched were the BMXer's.  They love, loved this!  Seriously the tricks they do are amazing.  So, as we're watching the show I hear the announcer guy say the one guy's name is Koji.  My brain starts working overtime trying to figure out where I've heard that name before.  Then it hit me...Oakley!  Oakley sponsors him and when I was the store manager at the O Store in 8 years ago, talk about feeling old...Koji would come in often to say hi and chit chat.  So, after the show I went up to Koji and even though I knew he wouldn't remember me, I wanted to say 'hey I know you!'  He was very nice.  He even pretended to sort of remember me...although I'm pretty sure he didn't.  But it was kinda cool.  Got me reminiscing about Oakley and how much I loved that job.  If I ever have a job outside the home again I would love to work for them really was the best and they were always so great to their peeps.  Plus, their stuff rocks!  

The boys watching the BMXer's warm up

It's show time!  Logan, Viv, Linda, Carter, Chayce, Vann and little Ash all watching the crazy bike tricks.

Legoland had some fun tables set up under a tent.  Vann could've easily stayed here for hours...he loves Legos :)

Linda and Vann building with Legos

We ate lots of junk food!  Hot dogs, chips, ice cream, popsicles, candy, candy, cotton candy...seriously I'm not sure how the boys didn't have a belly ache!  

Chaycers and Vann 

Overall it was a fun time...and it was all free so, you can't beat that!  

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