Sunday, September 8, 2013

And He Scores!

Vann had his second soccer game on Saturday afternoon and he did fantastic!  I could tell he tried much harder than the first game.  He dribbled the ball down the field well, he stopped a bunch of balls while playing goalie...although one did sneak past him.  He even scored a goal!!  And he assisted a second goal.  Chris and I were so proud.  It's so fun to watch your kiddo try their very best and have fun doing it.  

No pictures Mom!

It was toasty out!

We met some friends at Oberweis for ice cream after the game.

Will and Vann...No, they do not know how to play chess :)

Ash found the cakes...yum!

Ally and Chayce

So, that was our Saturday afternoon.  What did you do?  

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