Saturday, September 7, 2013

Zoo Time

I didn't have any daycare kiddos on Friday so, I decided to take the boys to the zoo.  We met Paige and her boys there.  It was a fun time!  The weather was perfect for it and it wasn't very busy so, it worked out great.  

Vann and Chayce

Sweet Baby Ash

There were peacocks everywhere!  Just walking around...not bothered by people at all.   

We packed a picnic lunch and ended up eating it by the bison.  There were also lots of peacocks, geese, ducks and other little birds walking around.  It was fun!  One gross thing did happen though.  A few bison came right up to the fence where we were sitting and one started peeing.  No big deal.  Except that the bison behind him drank it!  I'm talking while he was peeing...he licked at it like it was a water fountain. 

After we ate the kids played at the park.  Ash tried his best to climb up this little wall.  

At one point he had himself pushed up so, no feet were on the ground, but I was worried he would fall so, I didn't get a picture.  

Chayce and Vann poking their heads through the animal wall before we headed home.

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